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This particular loan is especially-designed to allow employed individuals to access credit from Kero Global Lendas, Ltd exclusively for purchasing travel products from renowned travel agencies.

Kero Global Lendas, Ltd is affiliated with reputable travel companies that enable us to provide credit services covering visa processing, holiday packages, flight tickets, and much more. Through this loan, you’ll now be able to better manage your cash flows while planning for that trip abroad.


  • A six-month repayment period
  • Monthly repayment in equal amounts through post-dated checks
  • Turnaround time is within 3 days after receipt of complete requirements
  • An affordable and non-refundable fee equal to that of the “Fly Now, Bill Me Later” fee upon approval of credit


Below is some of the required paperwork you will need to bring along with you:

  • Bank statement showing the last six salary entries of the last six months (has to be endorsed by the bank)
  • Nigeria Uniform Bank Account Number (NUBAN)-compliant post-dated checks from earnings account
  • Latest utility bill
  • Tax Identification number (copy)
  • The latest passport photo and a copy of company identification card
  • Copy of employment letter
  • Data page of international passport (copy)
  • For those who are not processing their visas as part of the travel package, they will be required to provide evidence of a valid visa
  • One guarantor

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