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This particular loan is structured around the needs of full-time employees allowing them to afford the following:

  • Pay for a house rental
  • Pay for children’s tuition fees
  • Pay for personal needs

The amount of the loan will depend on an individual’s monthly salary.

Here are some of the pre-qualification requirements. Please take note.

  • Reside and be employed in the Lagos State
  • Confirmed as part of the staff of a renowned company
  • No history of returned checks in your account
  • Have an account in a commercial Bank in Nigeria to which a verified monthly pay is deposited

Features of the Loan

  • To be repaid within a period of 6 – 15 months
  • Turnaround time is within a day after receipt of complete requirements


  • Bank statement showing the last six salary entries of the last six months (has to be endorsed by the bank)
  • Nigeria Uniform Bank Account Number (NUBAN)-compliant post-dated checks from earnings account
  • Latest utility bill
  • Tax Identification number (copy)
  • The latest passport photo and a copy of company identification card
  • Copy of employment letter

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